The Montessori House of St. Johns

For Parents
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The Montessori House’s mission is to provide a nurturing environment for the holistic development of children, six months to six years of age. Each child is recognized as a unique individual, as well as an integral part of our community.

The Montessori House strives to guide the child along his or her own individual path of construction while nurturing the social responsibility needed to live within a cooperative community. It is our goal to provide an environment that recognizes the authentic nature of the child.

The Montessori teacher (guide) is trained to prepare the environment with activities that match the laws of development of the child and promote the children’s needs and desire for independence, language acquisition, social interaction, movement, and cognitive stimulation, as well as personal and environmental care.

We strive to have a strong, supportive, and vibrant learning community. We hope to create lasting relationships with the children and their families that are built on trust and mutual respect.

Community Connections

The Montessori House is now offering community classes, workshops and events for all ages!

Preschool Classes